Embroidery Designs

Every design tells a story. Whether you’re browsing for inspiration or searching for something in particular, this could be the start of something beautiful.

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Moroccan Tiles

Moroccan Decor

Wonderful Morroccan style embroideries with chainstitches.
This collection includes all-over-fabric embroideries which can be combined into large beautiful motifs which resemble floor tiles.
Other designs included in this collection can be combined freely into huge gorgeous motifs.
Perfect for Home dec or embellishing your garments.
Hoop size 180x130-200x200

Classic Cases

Create beautiful cases for your smartphone, tablet or glasses. You can also use this collection to embellish your garments.

This collection includes:
10 projects in the hoop - perfect for classes!
40 designs - These designs are to be combined using the embroidery software on the machines or use as they are.
Hoop sizes: from 80x80mm up to 360x200mm

Sew Bertha

Introducing sew Bertha!
This lady loves to create and she’ll surely inspire you too! This collection consists of 20 whimsical designs with Sew Bertha in action.

When embroidering, use the 5”x7” Design Hoop / 180x130mm

Vintage Postcard

Reminisce about the days of letter writing...
This collection includes lovely postcards, addresses and stamps in a printed look in vintage style. Create wonderful home décor and your home will get a touch of a romantic vintage look.

When embroidering, use hoop sizes between 80x80mm-360x200mm

With All My Heart

Fall in love with a collection filled with as many as 50 adorable designs!
You can create really cute tags or why not decorate and send a valentine card to that special someone? The designs will look lovely as embellishments and are perfect when you want to create personal gifts to give away to your loved ones.

When embroidering, use the Standard Hoop 100 x 100mm/ 4" x 4".

Artful Smocking

This embroidery collection contains 100 designs – including 42 endless designs!

We have been using Heat reactive thread as bobbin thread to get the smock effect. For more effect you can use the heat reactive thread both on top and in the bobbin. You can also use the INSPIRA® fabric Magic Stabilizer to produce a similar effect. We recommend light woven and soft fabrics to get the most smock effect. 

Hoop recommendations: Design #1-43 Endless hoop 170 x 100 / 6.75" x 4", Design #43-73 DESIGNER™ Royal Hoop 360 x 200 / 14.2" x 7.9" Design #74-100 Small Square Hoop 80 x 80 / 3" x 3"

Applique Cutwork

Beautify your clothes as well as your home decor with fabulous applique cutwork designs, including endless and cut edge designs.  

This collection has been created to be used with the Embroidery Cutwork Needle Kit, sold as an accessory, as well as the Mega Endless Hoop 260x150/ 10"x6".

Fabric by Design

In this collection you will get designs that allow you to create great home decor and embellish your clothes!

The collection includes endless designs and designs that begin with 4 position stitches for easy matching when creating All Over-embroidered fabric.

When embroidering use the Metal Hoop 180 x 130 / 5 " x 7 "

Christmas Lace II

With the holidays coming up, we give you some great freestanding lace designs that you can create lovely home décor with. Or why not create a fashionable bag like we did? It could be the perfect Christmas gift!

Small Square Hoop 80 x 80 / 3 ".

Layered Quilting with Appliqué

Designs for every season! Whether it’s spring, summer, autumn or winter, you will find a design that suits. This collection includes design that begins with 4 position stitches for easy matching when creating All Over-embroidered fabric.

Yarn Art II

Freestanding designs embroidered on heavy weight water soluble stabilizer.
Perfect for both home decoration, to embellish your garments or accessories. Only your imagination can stop you!

The embroideries are designed to be embroidered with Yarn Couching Feet set that is sold as an accessory.

Crochet by Machine

Welcome to the delightful world of crochet!

This collection brings you great crochet designs that will have a handmade look, but your machine does the work for you. Together with the Standard Hoop 100 x 100mm / 4” x 4” or the Small Square Hoop 80 x 80 mm / 3” x 3” you can create beautiful freestanding embroideries.

3D Flowers

This collection includes lovely floral designs with a fantastic 3D effect! Use the DESIGNER™ Crown Hoop to create both pop-ups and designs using appliqué that adds additional texture. This will make your designs come alive with a completely new look!

Texture Hoop Visions

Create unique embellishments on your projects using these designs! Here’s a do it yourself tip: to make that final touch to your home, beautify your interior items by adding these designs with either ribbons or yarn. Several designs are also used with the appliqué technique for additional texture. When embroidering the designs, use the Texture Hoop to achieve amazing results!

Floral Elements

The collection includes 5 groups of design elements that can be combined to create different large designs.
All designs are made with beautiful stitch effects instead of filled areas.

Small Square Hoop 80 x 80/ 3” x 3” Design Hoop 180 x 130 / 5” x 7” Large Hoop 240 x 150 / 9.6” x 6”